What is the Global Energy Balance Network?

The Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN) is a newly formed, voluntary public-private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to identifying and implementing innovative solutions – based on the science of energy balance – to prevent and reduce diseases associated with inactivity, poor nutrition and obesity. It is a premier world-wide organization led by scientists working on the development and application of an evidence-based approach to ending obesity.

Vision: A World in Healthy Energy Balance

Mission: To connect and engage multi-disciplinary scientists and other experts around the globe dedicated to applying and advancing the science of energy balance to achieve healthier living.


Why Energy Balance?

The concept of energy balance provides a new science-based framework for exploring innovative yet practical solutions to help people around the world enjoy healthy energy balance. Being in healthy energy balance means being at a stable body weight and a level of food intake and physical activity compatible with good health.

The energy balance framework recognizes that good health involves both diet and physical activity and can serve as a platform to help transform human civilization to achieve optimal health through sustainable solutions that also drive economic prosperity. For Italian consumers our partner MyBeautik.com provides great fitness advices. Furthermore, they did some research on products like "Tappetini Per Agopressione" - everything evidence based.

Around the globe, much of the current obesity dialogue focuses on regulating the environment as a way to promote healthy behavior. While environmental change is crucial it is also necessary to understand the psychological and social determinants of individual and population behavior in order to formulate workable solutions that do not have unintended consequences. What's needed is an evidence-based approach based on the concept of energy balance to address the complex issues that obesity and other energy-balance-related diseases present.


Why a Network of Experts?

The Global Energy Balance Network provides a forum for scientists around the globe to come together and generate the knowledge and evidence-based pathways needed to end obesity. It also provides a unique forum for experts in energy balance to engage in and lead the public policy dialogues and discussions on the complex issues around both treatment (which requires producing energy imbalance) and prevention of obesity (which requires maintenance of energy balance). Solving obesity must be grounded in sound science and evidence and only scientists can help make this happen by working together.

GEBN has assembled a distinguished group of scientists from around the world to serve as its founding leadership. An Executive Committee manages the project and operates independently of the various funders. Members of the Executive Committee include: from North America, James O. Hill, PhD, Steven Blair, PED, Gregory A. Hand, PhD, MPH, John C. Peters, PhD; from Africa, Nahla Houalla, PhD, from Asia, Wenhua Zhao, PhD; from Europe, Arne Astrup, MD, PhD, Willem van Mechelen, MD, PhD; from Latin America and the Carribean, Marianella Herrera, MD, MSc; and from Oceania, Wendy Brown, PhD. The Executive Committee is currently recruiting distinguished international scientists from multiple disciplines to be founding members. Beginning March 1, 2015, scientists and other interested parties will be able to apply for open membership in GEBN.


What Will GEBN Do?

GEBN will:

  • Serve as a virtual hub for raising awareness among policy makers, research institutions, governments, media and the public, through training, education and global communication and advocacy of the importance of energy balance.
  • Provide a platform for the development and testing of innovative, practical, and scalable solutions.
  • Be the voice of science in public policy dialogues and discussions on increasing healthy lifestyles.

GEBN grew out of efforts that began more than a decade ago examining the underlying biological and social science foundations of chronic disease and investigated new ways to approach the problem (see Am. J. Preventive Med., vol. 27, October 2004; Nutrition Reviews, vol. 59, March, 2001). As part of its mission, GEBN is forming a "Think-Do Tank" that will bring together scientists and non-scientists from far reaching disciplines to address important questions about how to apply our understanding of the biology of energy balance and the social, cultural and economic forces shaping our world, to develop effective approaches to promote healthy living. More information about the think tank and its activities will be shared at a later date.


What Are GEBN’s Immediate Priorities?  

  • Raising awareness of the science of energy balance,
  • Growing the Network,
  • Developing funding support, and
  • Convening a “Think-Do Tank” Summit in 2015 to identify and evaluate evidence-based solutions that leverage the science of energy balance.

 Feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you do not see your questions answered here.



Feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you do not see your questions answered here.

People can be in energy balance at any body weight or BMI, whether lean, overweight, or obese. This simply means that body weight is stable and neither increasing or decreasing. Being in healthy energy balance means maintaining a body weight and level of physical and metabolic fitness compatible with good health. For more information on the science of energy balance, please visit our Energy Balance Basics page.
GEBN is the first organization to use the Energy Balance model as a framework for thinking about changing current systems and policies to improve health.
GEBN is the first organization to break down the current expertise and silo-based model for developing solutions to improve health behaviors to build an inclusive and trans-disciplinary approach.
GEBN is a true public-private partnership that values the perspectives of all stakeholders.
GEBN offers a safe forum for discussion, debate, and dilemma sharing.
GEBN takes the "deep dive" approach to its trans-disciplinary work such that groups work on problems for up to a year to formulate new ways of changing the current paradigm.


Disclosure: GEBN has received support from private philanthropy, the University of Colorado, the University of South Carolina, the University of Copenhagen, including an unrestricted education gift from The Coca Cola Company. GEBN believes that finding workable solutions to correcting energy imbalance will be achieved faster by working with all sectors of society. GEBN seeks support to continue our efforts from both the public and private sectors.