Why Join GEBN?

  • Be a catalyst – as a member of the first organization to use the energy balance model as a framework for thinking about changing current systems and policies – with an inclusive, trans-disciplinary approach and respect for different cultural values – to address some of the fundamental global issues of this century: the growth of obesity and non-communicable chronic diseases.
  • Be heard – as part of the science community lend your voice to raising awareness for energy balance solutions to reduce diseases associated with inactivity and obesity through research, speaking, publishing, and exposure via media.
  • Build credibility – as a leader among a highly respected and consulted network of scientists and other experts dedicated to delivering evidence-based information with the highest level of transparency and integrity and creating innovative solutions.
  • Create new connections – have the opportunity to network with the leaders in the field of energy balance as well as create new connections with multi-disciplinary experts.
  • Be a part of a "Think-Do Tank" – be part of a larger collective thinking enterprise with multi-disciplinary scientists and experts aimed at creating new thinking space for rigorously and effectively translating scientific research into practical solutions.
  • Drive change – collectively challenge the status quo and bring science to bear in raising awareness for an energy balance-based solution to sustainable health changes in public policy, business practices, community programs, and more.


Who Can Become Members of GEBN?

Individuals from diverse disciplines across the public and private sectors who support the science of energy balance are invited to become active members of the Network, provided they:

  • Commit to supporting and growing the GEBN as champions of energy balance
  • Sign a membership agreement signaling concurrence with GEBN principles, values and activities
  • Actively volunteer time, energy and other resources to raise awareness of the science of energy balance among key audiences, including work to advance various GEBN science and communications objectives, such as:
    • Research collaboration
    • Speaking engagements
    • Professional organization education/partnerships
    • Writing opportunities
    • Trials/implementation of new approaches


What Is the Time Commitment for Being a GEBN Member?

Devote as much time as you reasonably can to being an active Member. The important thing is to join and become a Member to stand and be counted for supporting the science of energy balance. Help to recruit other Members and champion the development and application of energy balance to promote health.


Benefits of Membership

  • Association with leading academics, scientists, and other influential specialists in addressing (and being acknowledged as addressing) one of the most fundamental global issues of this century: the need for energy balance in addressing the problem of obesity and related chronic diseases that are impacted by lifestyle behaviors
  • The ability to contribute to the resolution of this global problem through research, speaking and publishing, and/or funding these and other related activities
  • The ability to attend member conferences dedicated to the exchange of ideas and perspectives and to participate in problem-solving working groups of members.


Expectations of Membership

GEBN expects members to embrace the mission, vision, and shared values of the organization. Individuals and institutions whose interests are not fundamentally aligned with that of GEBN are discouraged from seeking membership.

GEBN expects demonstration from its members of serious commitment, whether through time invested in research, writing, and publishing; investment of time in networking groups; regular attendance at and participation in network meetings; and for sponsors, a financial investment commensurate with the importance of GEBN's global mission.


Criteria for Member Solicitation

Assuming that potential members demonstrate the likelihood of meeting Network expectations as outlined above, the following criteria should apply for solicitation of a given member:

  • For scientists and academics, a track record of scholarly research, writing, and publishing on topics related to the thematic areas in which GEBN seeks to begin work
  • For sponsors, the demonstration of both capability and intent for contribution
  • For all members, an initial target membership of 100 members, with a simple majority consisting of scientists and academics


For additional questions regarding membership, contact Amelia Quint, Project Coordinator, Global Energy Balance Network, University of South Carolina, 921 Assembly Street, Room 224, Columbia, SC 29208, +1 (803) 777-2354

Amelia Quint: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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